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I'm just as much of a musician as I am a writer. I even planned to write music for my stories some day.  It has been another big part of my life. The instruments that I play are mainly the piano, guitar, the tuba, and drums.
On the piano, I love to both read music and improvise. My favorite types of music is Brian Haas, George Winston, Celtic, Music of Ireland, the Pure Moods CDs (I, II, III, IV, etc), Elevation, Earth Tone, Enigma, Empire Brass, Jim Self's solo tuba CDs, Roger Bobo's Tuba, and Yanni.  I mostly tend to like music without words in it; mainly, instrumental music. I'm a fan of some vocal, but I tend to be more on the instrumental sides. As a kid, I even bought music such as rap just to hear only the background music and not the words.
With guitar, I like to play improvised classical music, and with the drums, I like to play the drum set and like to play the things that I hear from drum corps. Yeah, I'm a HUGE drum corp fan. Drum corp has been a big part of my life and it has shaped who I am today.
If there are any questions about me, my books or anything, feel free to email through the link above. And please, no spam. I've done nothing to deserve that. Thanks for reading my website!


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Henry Emphrey

Born: January 27, 1979

Education: Graduated from the University of Missouri - St. Louis
Books Published:  1) WHY  2) Earth Man 3) Yums of Jams 4) Only Her