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Here are my favorite links to drum corp/marching band websites:
Since I'm a huge drum corp fan, I dedicated this section of my website to drum corp and marching band activities. Thus, if you are interested in drum corps like me, are curious as to what drum corp is or what drum corps do, then feel free to explore some of the links below:


All Age Drum Corps.

Drum Corp Planet

Sound Machine

Drum corp video links on youtube

Marching Band Planet

Music for all (Bands of America)

Marching Sports (The Internet Source for HBCU Bands)

Drum Corp. Radio Station (you can listen to drum corp. all day 24/7)

Frontier Drum and Bugle Corp.

Frontier is the corp that I marched for. It’s an all-age drum corp (and I love their philosophy – why stop doing what you enjoy doing and waste your talent after you aged out of drum corp? Why not keep going with it)! If you want to march with a nice drum corp. then Frontier has got you covered. I met a lot of great people there and they’ll teach you everything that you need to know as long as you go there to learn and practice. They have a ton of nice videos on youtube. Hence, go to their website or check them out on youtube through the "Drum corp video links on youtube" link above. Go there and search “Frontier Drum and Bugle corps.”