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I've always loved and always will love video games. I dedicated this page to showcase some the video games that I TRIED TO make. Below is a very brief demo of a game that I made called “Peabody.”  While this game is not perfect and I think may not be up to par with some of those Playstation or Nintendo games (so don’t expect Playstation and Nintendo quality yet), this highlights my strive to LEARN how to make video games. This game demo only has four to five sections and is easy to get through (in fact there’s no real enemy A.I. because I haven’t put it in there yet). It took me a whole year to make just this small brief demo and took many sleepless nights (some nights I only got an hour of sleep). But it’s a demo for the kids to have fun with (nevertheless, it's a game about some kids' neighbhood). That is, at least after I’m done taking courses, hopefully I can make more games, learn more about making them, etc. So, help me pray that I’ll have more time. Hopefully with time I could post more up and this be a full fledge page with video games I made.

Here it is. It's a large file so be sure that your computer has enough space to download it. Inside the link click on where it says "Free," and afterwards click on where it says "download the file." 

That is, the game is free to download, but if you try to download it more than once, you're going to get a looong timer in which you'd have to wait to download it again - but that's ok. Save it to your desktop and click open to open it, or click on "Peabody.exe" at whatever location that you downloaded it to your computer.  You may need Windows XP or higher for this game might not work well on some computers:



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