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From my years of education, research, and life experiences, I came to Deism (even though I do not like putting names onto my belief). Deism is not a religion, but is a mere concept of believing in God without religion.

However, unlike pure Deists, I believe that God is a spirit and has influences on our lives by spiritually connecting with all of us. However, even though that is how I believe, I still keep the commandments in the bible that were given to us. I even watch what I eat as the bible says (there are more commandments in the bible than just the ten). I like to keep them because for myself they preserve wisdom for me, and they also keep me being a resolute and diligent person. I personally think that if people kept the commandments in the bible as they were meant to be, there won't be as many family problems; our neighborhoods will be safer, things will stay positive, and people won't have as many problems as they do today. I admit, I have a lot of action in my novels, but sometimes I put it in to teach a lesson about doing right.

Keeping the commandments does not mean that a person have to be weak (were Moses or Joshua weak)? Nor does one have to embarrass themselves (like shout out in the middle of a crowd; acting hysterical or ignorant). This is not what the bible teaches. The bible teaches us how to be moral and just. Hence, this is what one can learn from reading it.